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Cultivate self-awareness and social empathy in kids using Alexa

If you are a parent or an educator seeking methods to improve your kid’s emotional intelligence and social behavior, Kids Decisions can serve your right. This Alexa skill centered on social-emotional learning helps to instill a responsible decision-making perspective in ages ranging from elementary to middle childhood. With this voice app, kids are introduced to short storylines that reflect real-life scenarios where they need to think rationally and make sensible choices. Drawing upon the 24 character strengths, it prepares the child to overcome the conflicting situations in real life by helping them be a good decision-maker.

Explore our inventory of stories categorized under 6 virtues to implement the CSV concept. Also, sign up and create engaging stories for kids to learn and harbor the character strengths needed.

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What's CSV

Character Strengths and Virtues emphasize the psychology of goodness in human beings and the need for cultivating a set of positive traits to build thriving individuals and flourishing communities. Character is an aggregate of thought processes, emotions, behavior, and values that a person imbibes as part of his/her upbringing and social existence. So it’s important for kids to have exposure to all these 24 character strengths as a foundation for self-awareness and behavioral development. There are six core virtues that form the basis of this concept; each of which hoards

an array of measurable character strengths. The picture represents the classification of these character strengths under their respective virtues. These strengths once imbibed will be reflected in their thoughts and actions and how they cope with adverse situations in life. At the same time, kids learn to assess and modify their behavior according to circumstances along with accommodating other’s emotions to ensure empathetic communication.

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  • Provide your kids with a voice supplement for effectively embedding Social Emotional Learning (SEL) skills and also for its practical application in a real-life context
  • Access unlimited stories each of which is curated to foster emotional awareness by
    reinforcing the value of the 6 core virtues
  • Creative use of our mascot ‘Ember’ the dragon as the narrator
  • Every storyline presents the kids with multiple choices which stimulate them to brainstorm different perspectives and make a sensible decision
  • The consequences vary based on their choices, and cues are given to make them rethink when opting for a negative choice
  • Provision to redo the story and explore different choices to learn the best outcome

Create your own stories

Gain access to craft your own set of stories with branching paths through multiple options. Collaborate to provide experiential learning by introducing kids to challenging situations they face within the educational domain as well as outside through narratives.

Customize narratives

Build engaging storylines that are socially and emotionally interactive and guide them with choices to internalize the most appropriate behavior.

Public/Private stories

Enable public or private access and decide who gets to benefit from your stories through this Alexa app.

Statistical insights

Leverage the statistical insights to identify which of your stories are trending and also the most commonly opted path for each narrative.



Who Benefits



Equip kids to cope with emotions, manage daily challenges, make responsible decisions, and build positive relationships through regular practice sessions.


Create stories that will help kids develop prosocial behavior to thrive in school and in life. Learn which virtue they need to inculcate and identify their weaknesses using our interactive statistics.


Foster Social and Emotional Learning at home and include stories to regulate your kid’s impulsive behavior. Cultivate the habit of being thoughtful and empathetic in words and actions to ensure their social well-being.
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